A family tradition
Our tradition is 100 years proud

The tradition behind “Centre Maraîcher” began 100 years ago, when at 16 years old, Pierre Guinois came to Canada in search of a better life. Pierre settled outside Montreal and began growing vegetables. Pierre’s grandson, Eugène Guinois Jr. and his wife Denise, now oversee the family business. Today the company is the largest producer of lettuce in Canada with over 2000 acres of prime organic soil and more than 400 employees. A combination that works together to provide more than 1 500 000 crates a year. And it is still family owned!

Growing Region
Ste-Clothilde, Québec, is located about 45 minutes south of Montreal and 15 minutes from the U.S. Border. The farm is in a position to grow high quality vegetables due to the exceptional soil conditions in the region. Hundreds of years of compost and rich black earth provide the nutrients to produce an outstanding product. The average temperature of the region is the warmest in Québec.

Freshness guarantee
We are committed to providing you with consistent superior quality. Our growers and staff are working to achieve the highest quality vegetables from planting to delivery. After being pre-cooled in our top of the line vacuum coolers, lettuce is then moved to our 25,000 f2 refrigeration until it is loaded onto our trucks and delivered to you.

Product Line
As the largest lettuce producer in Canada, we harvest up to 15 000 carton of lettuce a day. Our lettuce production includes; Romaine, Boston, Iceberg, Green Leaf, Red Leaf, Napa, and Chinese lettuce. We also produce in the season, green onions, celery, and up to  250, 000 bags of carrots (50 lb), which are mainly delivered to the east coast American markets. Through our trusted partners we provide you a full line of products like broccoli, cauliflower, radish, etc.

We are close to several major markets, and as we harvest 7 days a week, you get your product when you need it. All our products are packaged to your needs (naked, cello wrap, and bulk bin).

By using the best technology, we ensure the fastest production and the most efficient shipping and delivery we possibly can. State of the art refrigeration helps us fulfill our commitment to provide lettuce that’s fresh and crispy. Just the way you like it!

“Taste the difference that hard work and quality provide.”

Eugène Guinois Jr.




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